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We understand leading disruption and transforming businesses with new digital platforms and tools can be challenging. To make your transformation journey a little easier, we are committed to highlighting relevant case studies, benchmarks, and best practices. Here you will find white papers, blogs, events, and the latest news. Keep a lookout for our content and events on Worktech and the World of Work - not only are they informative, but you will also find them to be engaging and enjoyable. If you think we should cover a topic you are passionate about, let us know and we will endeavour to fit it into our content and events schedule.

Raquel DeSouza is the Digital Marketing Manager for QuantumWork Advisory.

How to get started with your DE&I Workforce Tech Stack

It’s no wonder that organizations are focusing more and more on strengthening their Diversity, Equality & Inclusion (DE&I) strategy. Cultural and worldwide movements like Me Too and Black Lives Matter have pushed the concern for DE&I in all aspects of our lives, including the workplace.

Leadership Guide to DE&I Digital Transformation

Get the guidance and toolsets to address your organization's DE&I vision strategically.

QuantumWork Assessment Transformation Maturity

Please find out about your company’s digital leadership maturity with our proprietary self-assessment tool based on in-depth research and interviews with leaders from Fortune 500 companies. In addition, you will receive automated instant feedback and our free whitepaper describing the key traits required to lead innovation and digital disruption.

Maturity Traits of Digital Leaders

This whitepaper summarizes the key traits needed by organizations and leaders as they seek to survive and thrive in the new world of digitization disruption.

Allegis Group Launches New Workforce Advisory and Consulting Business

Allegis Group, the global leader in talent solutions, launched QuantumWork Advisory, a new advisory and consulting organization, to address digital transformation in the world of work.

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